Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Beneficial experience

The Penumbra Shadowing scheme is brilliant idea to share knowledge and gain experience about libraries work. No doubt taking a part of that course was an opportunity to learn different aspect of library work that I do not run every day in my job in the Whipple Library.

Last week I want on my visit to Classical Faculty Library as a part of the Penumbra Shadowing course.
Lyn (Librarian) was kind to scheduled my visit so I was able to learn about what I was interested in and the library staff were very willing to share their extensive experience and knowledge.

I started my shadowing with a very interesting tour around the library by Stephen (Assistant Librarian). I was shown how the library is organized, from the books and journal classification to the library facilities.

Then I had chance to learn with Lyn (Librarian) how to process new books acquisition such as creating books orders, receiving new books, invoicing on Voyager. She also explain to me which book suppliers they choose and how  they work (including ordering online from both UK and European suppliers).

Next I spent time with Alice (Senior Library Assistant) who kindly show me the financial aspect of library work. Thanks to her kindness I had a chance to entering the invoices using CUFS.

Finally, thanks to Philip (Graduate Library Trainee), I had some opportunity to see how the Classic maintenances CamTools, providing access to electronic & print resources for the different types of courses run by the Faculty.

My morning in the Classic Library  was very informative and enjoyable thanks to the library’s team who were sharing their time with me.
Also I would encourage anyone who is thinking either about taking part in the Penumbra scheme or offering a placement to do so. It is an enlightening experience!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Where is the rest of the cat?

I pass this cat almost every day on may way back to home. As a cat that creature has incredible sense of balance. Is always rests that way, overhanging the fence.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Google Calendar - got it!

I've already got Google Calendar and use it for me job. I share my events with my colleague, so everyone can see waht I'm going to do (holidays, meetings, etc.). That's help us  to organize our work. So no excuse, everything is there ...

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A little bit late ;(

I've had a slow start but got here finally. And finally I did manage to set up my igoogle account in week 1 and then stalled a bit. Hope to get back on track now as I'm really keen to complete the programme. Until now I found all instructions for setting up the igoogle and  the blog really easy and helpful.
I'm not very confident with that stuff, but still interested in it. I'm hoping to learn new skills, get my confidence up and use my new knowledge to improve my library service.
See you.